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Masterconcept specializes in 360-degree operational master planning services for mountain resorts and sporting venues, working with both private investors and public infrastructure development companies. This comprises the evaluation of sites based on the assessment of natural risks in mountain environments and accessibility by transport modes.

We develop architectural concepts and landscaping designs rooted in the local cultural and natural heritage, as well as the needs of the targeted customer group.

  • Integrated infrastructure design of urban spaces, hotels, mountain chalets, restaurants, parking spaces, roads, competition infrastructure, resort operations buildings and utilities
  • Development of resort zoning and orientation
  • Functional zoning and organizational concepts
  • Development of sporting concepts for recreational use and venues for competition use, coordinating the homologation procedures with international sporting federations
Event Operations Management

Integrated Operations and Venue Planning for major events is one of Masterconcept’s core competences. Masterconcept assists event operators and owners in developing effective and consistent operational plans and venue designs, integrating both the process and output across departments within the organization, as well as with external stakeholders (public administration, law enforcement agencies, venue communities).

  • Event strategy and operational concept
  • Authoring and development of program and venue operational plans
  • Contingency and incident response plans
  • Venue operational designs and venue agreements
  • Tourist resort operational plans
  • Resort transport logistics