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Masterconcept carefully considers site contextual parameters and constraints, transport logistics and stakeholders' programmatic and operational needs to develop commercially successful urban planning and architectural design concepts. Our understanding of the unique characteristics of the future development of a location ensures authentic urban integration of existing or renovated projects with new ones.

We focus on creating a cohesive design for the overall project to ensure smooth connections between outdoor and indoor spaces, as well as between the multiple facilities and uses: transport, sports, recreation, hospitality, retail, entertainment, office and residential.
Masterconcept aims at creating sustainable and legacy oriented urban planning and architectural projects.

Masterconcept is a multinational engineering, architectural and design consultancy, providing expertise to help resolve complex challenges presented by constructed and natural environments. We PLAN, DESIGN and ENABLE solutions for the urban redesign of cities, the concept for a new ski resort or the design of transport hubs. Our design capability extends across all our business divisions, from innovative architecture for the hotel and leisure sectors to detailed master planning for major developments or engineering and design for infrastructure projects.

  • Project development
  • Master planning and urban design
  • Transport planning and environment
  • Geospatial solutions
  • Landscape architecture
  • Management consultancy