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One Belt One Road

The "One Belt One Road" initiative connecting China with Europe follows the ancient routes of the silk road on land and by sea, and it is a historic project for many sectors. The main objective is to create a trade corridor, but also to bring wealth and prosperity to the countries along that ‘belt’.

Masterconcept has joined the 2nd annual BRIDGE for CITIES conference at Europe’s United Nation Headquarter in Vienna. More than 600 delegates from some 40+ nations participated and have exchanged the latest news concerning the progress of the project.

 Masterconcept believes in the long term power of the "One Belt One Road" initiative, especially for tourism development in these beautiful countries which joined the program.

Infinite Trail Team Running World Event 2018 in Gasteinertal

Masterconcept created the winning strategy for Gasteinertal to become host of the ‘Infinite Trail Team Running World Event 2018’ advancing against 2 other prominent alpine destinations.

The creation of a true “Zero Footprint Event Concept” and the valley’s commitment to the sport were the winning factors. We are ready to run the trail.