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About us

Masterconcept’s company philosophy is based on a multi disciplinary approach in the areas of Architecture, Transport Planning, Urban Planning, Mountain Masterplanning, Operational Planning and all that under the umbrella of GIS based solutions.

The core team built by company owner Gernot Leitner in Austria and the key two partners Wolfgang Mayrhofer and Walter Weber has worked together now for more than 10 years and the great internal spirit of consulting different professions for one project has made Masterconcept a successful player in large scale international project developments and solutions.

Over the years the focus has strongly moved to the East and Masterconcept generates now 60% of its turnover in Russia.

The great business success in recent years has rewarded us with very prominent mandates such as the Sochi Olympic Transport Master Plan, the Sochi Mountain Operational Master Plan, the Caspian Coastal Masterplan in Dagestan, the Northern Caucasus Resorts Master plan and many more.

The company grew to 20 employees and the perfect balance between our young, dynamic and well educated team and our senior experts around the Executive directors is the key success factor.

Masterconcept is located in Salzburg, Vienna and St.Petersburg and is strongly expanding into Russia this year.

At Masterconcept the client always gets a well thought through result that puts projects on solid ground!