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Riviera Villas

Masterconcept is proud to be selected as the masterplanning development partner for one of the most stunning residential villages being developed near a big city.

Riviera Villas, just 20 minutes outside of Kiew, sets new standards for new living models way beyond ‚just gated communities‘.

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A101 will create the highest ski mountain in Moscow

The A101 group of companies approved the concept of the all-season sports and entertainment complex “ADRENALIN BEAT” as part of a multifunctional cluster near Prokshino metro station.

Masterconcept designed “Adrenalin Beat” which will occupy an area of about 60 hectares and will welcome about 3.5 million visitors per year. The main object will be a 101 meter high artificial ski mountain. 9 lifts and 10 slopes of varying difficulty as well as a tubing track are planned. All of them will be equipped with comfortable chair lifts and T-bar lifts. The estimated investment for the project will be about 6.7 billion rubles.

In addition, the complex includes a natural park with areas for running and cycling, forest park and beach areas, a viewing platform, shopping facilities, a festival zone, etc. The total area of capital real estate will be almost 70 thousand square meters, the recreational and park areas about 27 hectares.

“The complex will offer Muscovites about a hundred leisure options, including all-season sports activities at the amateur and professional level, shopping, barbecue, walking, beach recreation, education and self-development,” said Ignatius Danilidi, General Director of A101 Group at the Moscow Urban Forum – 2019.

Furthermore A101 will invest 2.7 billion rubles in the construction of an office and shopping center in the immediate vicinity of the Prokshino station. The complex with a total area of more than 36 thousand square meters will include about 24 thousand square meters of class A office space and a commercial area of about 9 thousand square meters. The construction starts in early 2020.

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